Articguana is a blue lizard-like alien, of the species Polar Manzardill from the polar planet X'Nelli. He can breathe freezing vapor and was used by Ben in Ben 10,000 to freeze down Vilgax. He was first called Absolute Zero by the adult Ben, but was changed by child Ben to its current name. Even then, it just breathes vapour cold enough to just freeze, not of actual absolute zero.

Description Edit

Articguana is a Wildmutt-like creature, only more reptilian, and has eyes. It has a lizard-like texture, gills, blue skin, 3 shark like fins on his back, 3 fingers, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and the Omnitrix symbol on his left wrist.When he breathes out he displays fog breath.


  • Planet X'Nelli


  • Breathing an incredibly freezing blast
  • Freezing things incredibly quickly
  • Can swim fast and can live in very cold temperatures.


  • If his breath is used too much he needs to catch his breath before firing his freezing breath again.

Ben 10 Ultimate AlienEdit

He appears in UA. His eyes are green, and the Ultimatrix logo is on his chest.