Brainstorm is a crab-like alien with a hard shell. He is shown to have the biggest head of all the new set of aliens and can be slow and steady. He is orange, with black, ring-like things around his arms and legs. He has two enormous, powerful pincers which he can use effectively in battle should Ben ever have to fight in hand-to-hand combat using Brainstorm. His shell-like head can open up to reveal his brain, and his intellect rivals even that of a Galvan's.

First TransformationEdit

Ben transforms into Brainstorm in Pier Pressure when he had to fight a Galvanic Mechomorph double named Ship (See character Roster). Ben first selected to transform into Jetray but it switched to Brainstrorm after the pier shook , which makes Brainstrorm the first accidental transformation in the series.


Brainstorm's powers involve very high intelligence even comparable to that of Grey Matter or Azmuth. Unlike Grey Matter or Azmuth, Brainstorm has offensive capability from his brain in the form of electrical attacks, as well as defensive capability in the form of forcefield projection/control, and mind bursts, Brainstorm calls this attack the, "Electroencephalitic mind Blast". Unfortunately, doing this attack requires Ben to expose his brain that is usually covered with his resiliant shell, which is vulnerable to attack.   As shown in the season 3 epsiode Inferno, Brainstorm also has the ability to levitate.

Transforming into this alien aquires Ben a british accent and makes him very egocentric, once arguing with Azmuth over who is more intelligent (War of the Worlds).

Planet and SpeciesEdit

Brainstorm is a Cerebrocrustacean (a play on "cerebrum" and "crustacean") from the planet Encephalonus IV (a play on "encepha-", a prefix referring to the brain). The skies of this planet are plagued by a never-ending thunderstorm, which is the main source of power on the planet. Some people believe that Brainstorm is actually a fusion between Greymatter (Intellect) and a possible Cannonbolt (head or Body shape). But a more likely fusion would be Greymatter (Intellect) and Stinkfly (insect/crustacean appearance), another fusion could be Greymatter (Intellect) and Spitter (Body and head shape) or Greymatter (Intellect) and Benviktor (electric/lightning blasts.)

Weaknesses: In the episode "Good copy, Bad copy" Albedo turned into Echo echo and Ben turned into Brainstorm. Echo echo's sonic blasts gave Brainstorm a headache.