Chromastone, Diamondhead's "cousin.


Chromastone has magenta coloured hands and spikes and a purple crystal for his body. He is also shown to be taller than most humans. like Diamondhead in the first episode of season 3 The Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2 after Chromastone got shattered in peices by Vilgax and his omnitrx can be taken off but it can come right back t's been appeared that the omnitrix fused Chromastone body and Diamondhead.After Vilgax surrendered the battle it was unknown what happend to Chromastone.

First TransformationEdit

Ben first transformed into Chromastone in the episode, "All That Glitters".


Chromastone is made from an extremely durable silicon crystal(possibly borazon), and is nearly invulnerable. He can absorb lasers and light beams, and fire them out at his own free will. An example of his ability is when he creates powerful electrical force. Light based weapons are also useless against Chromastone. He also has notably high strength. Chromastone is speculated to be more powerful than Diamondhead. Chromastone has sharp crystals, nearly invincible, can break through strong nets or webs and can block light with his hands or body. We don't really know if Chromastone is actually harder than diamondhead, because diamond is usually only broken if it is crushed by another diamond. then again, diamondhead is only a nickname. Diamondhead is a Petrosapien, while Chromastone is actually a Crystalsapien, which is weird because Diamondhead has a more crystal-like appearance. But, because of the "Sapien" part in both of their names leads us to believe the two are related, which basically confirms the fact that Chromastone is a recycled form of Diamondhead. As of now, it is unclear if Diamondhead or Chromostone is stronger and more durable. Cromastone has been shown to be able to shatter though, as seen in "Vengeance of Vilgax part 2".

Based OnEdit

Chromastone is probably based on Diamondhead and Eon as he can manipulate energy and is made of a crystalline material similar to Diamondhead.


Chromastone is a Crystalsapien from the planet MortOtesi(Meaning ultraviolet in Turkish).  This planet has diamond-like homes. Only 200-290 Petrosapiens survived in this planet before it was destroyed by Vilgax.