Echo echo soundblast

echo echo's soundblast

Echo Echo is a Sonorosian from the Planet Sonorosia (both a play on sonar). He is a small white alien whose body is a living amplifier. He can scream at ultrasonic frequencies capable of overloading machinery and stopping projectiles in mid-flight. He also has the ability to duplicate himself, not unlike Ditto, but different in that the clones aren't linked in any way, allowing entire groups to be knocked out without hampering the rest.


Echo Echo.

Powers and abilities Edit

By combining these two aspects, Ben can create the "Wall of Sound", where he and his clones can redirect projectiles back to their source by bouncing them off of strategically placed clones. He can also use echolocation, as seen in "Alone Together", and can channel vibrations to enhance his power, as seen in "Undercover". He can also transmit sound waves through speakers (such as phones), as seen in "Grounded".

Unlike Ditto ben cannot completly control his clones but give them an idea of why they should not like AlienX.

Description Edit

Echo Echo is a humanoid alien.One of the most noticeable features is a square appendage resembling an MP3 player behind his back.He is covered in a white silicone based skin.He has the Omnitrix symbol in his chest.It was revealed in Fool's Gold that his clones were silicone based replicas.his powers are based off ditto and benwolf combined and improved