Episode 7 of Ben 10. This is the first appearance of the villain Kevin 11


Straying from Max after an argument, Ben meets and befriends a boy named Kevin, who has the power to absorb any form of energy. Their first misadventure forces Ben to reveal what the Omnitrix is capable of. Kevin suggests that they team up. However, Kevin just wants the Omnitrix's power at his disposal; being treated like a monster for his strange powers since birth, Kevin had let hatred build up in his heart and is now out to get back at those who had hurt him. Ben attempts to reason with Kevin but ends up fighting him as Heatblast, at which point Kevin escapes and Max finds Ben. Ben finds Kevin terrorizing some bullies with energy stolen from Heatblast and fights him as Fourarms. Ben defeats Kevin this time, forcing him to flee. Unknown to Ben, however, Kevin had absorbed energy from the Omnitrix after all.



Max:(about Ben and a VIP Game Preview) I know what your thinking Ben.
Ben:I won't
[Ghostfreak glides past security guards, Invisible]
Ghostfreak:Ben won't, but I will!


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