Loadstar is an alien that has a floating metal head with green eyes and has a mainly black and yellow body that sort of resembles a bees body. He is known to be the Unkown Omnitrix Alien from "War of the Worlds Part 2".

Appearance Edit

His body is in shades of gold and black, with a floating medal head with large green eyes, His hands are claws, with 2 toes.

He has a Hornett like suit, and claws that resemble (-)Negetive and (+)Positive energy beams.


Loadstar has magnetic powers. He can shoot magnetic rays to zap, stun, or burn his oppenents it is possible he can shoot lightning.

He can atract or deatract metal objects and has super strenghth.


The desert-like planet called Elecront is home to a race called Elecronians who have the ability of electromagnetism (that is how they can produce electricity and magnetism) they are more helpful and self-serving than other species from the universe. Though many stories from other races have long spoken of it has as the center of the planet was made out of metal and inside the metal are fully magnetize objects, not much is known about the desert world of Elecront. Some say it is more of a cliff realm than a planet. Elecronians seem to be part of a electric mass consciousness that literally on their fabric of their selves. The planet Elecront has no other races living in their.