Nanomech is a Nanomectron from Nanomechia. He is first used in the Live Action Movie Ben 10: Alien Swarm, when the Omnitrix absorbs the DNA of the Alien Chips. Nanomech is about a millimeter tall, can shrink and grow larger, has green wings, as well as one large green eye with a silver, carbon/silicon-based mechanical body, and triangular three-pointed feet. He is also the alien used to destroy the queen of the hive. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest. Kevin describes Nanomech as "not like anything Ben has turned into before." This is because Nanomech is part drone, part human.


Nanomech can fly, can shrink to microscopic size, he can grow to human size, produce wire-like tentacles from his back, and fire green electricity from the tentacles and his hands. He is also shown to be adaptive, and it is possible he can take over people's minds, like the other Alien Chips. When Ben is touching someone, he can shrink them, to. He is noticeably more humanoid than the other drones (possibly an Omnitrix modification), and The Hive Queen added he was stronger.

He had a humanoid appereance because he scanned the chips in those two guys with the middle man along with the nanomechanic chip aliens.


Due to his small stature, it is possible he isn't the best in physical combat. The Alien Queen can also attempt to control him.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Edit

Nanomech appears in UA. He now only has one eye, different feet, and lost some details.