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Omnitrix , short for Omni-matrix, is an alien device which is attached to Ben's wrist in the series, and is the device that the series revolves around. In the episode "The Visitor" it's revealed that the Omnitrix was supposed to be given to Ben's grandfather Max, but ended up in the hands of Ben by mistake(due to Ben's DNA being similar to Max's, which it was locked on to). According to Vilgax, the Omnitrix is supposed to be the ultimate weapon.


The purpose of the Omnitrix is to let other lifeforms experience how other lifeforms live. Azmuth created the Omnitrix with the objective of developing better understanding between all species in the universe and establish peace and harmony among them. It does so by letting the original lifeform (Ben) that the Omnitrix is attached to walk a mile into another species' shoes. Its secondary purpose: the Omnitrix was created as the countermeasure against the Highbreed. The Omnitrix has the DNA of all sentient lifeforms in the galaxy and serves as a means as to repopulate the lifeforms that are destroyed by the Highbreed. To Azmuth this function was so important that he decided to forbide Ben from fighting the highbreed. He compared the Omnitrix to Noah's ark.


The Omnitrix looks like a wristwatch, primarily black and grey in colour, with a green dial in the middle which has a shape like 4 triangles with their point-ends facing each other and joined. The inside of the two vertical triangles glow in different colours at special moments. These colours signify the state that the Omnitrix is presently in. They are:

1.Green - Active Mode. Meaning it can be used. Actual usage time is unknown and can time out at humorous or dramatic moments. Seems to time out faster if regular time is tampered with (Ditto, for example, isn't allowed to revert, or Ben transforms multiple times.)
2.Red - Recharge Mode. When the Omnitrix times out. Takes around 10 minutes to "recharge", though it may take more time if tampered with. It's main purpose is said to keep the original Alien's personality from overwhelming the user (Such as the case of Ghostfreak.)
3.Yellow - Capture Mode. When new DNA has been uploaded to the Omnitrix Database for future use. Can also reclaim lost alien forms that my have escaped the Omnitrix.  
4.Orange - Self Destruction Mode. Meaning the Omnitrix is put on S.D.M. (Self-Destruction Mode).
5.Purple - Eon Tampering. When Eon used his powers to stop it from working and/or put his DNA inside the Omnitrix. Changed to this color during the live action film, Ben 10: Race Against Time.
6.Blue - Recalibration Mode. The Omnitrix begins transforming whilst selecting an array of new aliens forms.


Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix is a Galvan (Grey Matter's species) from the planet Galvan Prime. He has tentacles protruding from his face resembling a beard and walks with the help of a stick. Myaxx, a female Chimera Sui Generis (Vilgax's Species) helped Azmuth create the Omnitrix by collecting the DNA of aliens for the Omnitrix. Azmuth created the Omnitrix with the objective of developing better understanding between all species in the universe and establish peace and harmony among them.

In Ben 10: Alien Force, in the episode Good Copy, Bad Copy of season 2, a Galvan named Albedo builds his own Omnitrix that matched Ben's. As a result, he was turned into Ben due to that being the default. In an attempt to reverse the situation, Albedo travels to Earth to steal Ben's Omnitrix. In order to trick Ben, he claims that Azmuth was a liar, and he (Albedo) was the true creator of the Omnitrix. Ben saw through his lie, and began a chase creating a battle of back and forth transformations. During the fight, Albedo's form is damaged, turning him into a Ben with white hair and a red jacket. Azmuth had detected their near-universe ending battle and disabled Albedo's Omnitrix. Albedo was then sent to a Plumber's Jail.

It is revealed in the season finale that the Omnitrix can also be used as a countermeasure against the Highbreed, who have wiped out many races across the galaxy. The Omnitrix has special restoration powers that can repair genetic damage completely, reverting anyone under the influence of the Highbreed back to normal. The Omnitrix also contains not 10,000, but 1,000,903 alien forms "that are sorted into sets of ten for simplicity" which was the essential key to saving the universe. For this specific confrontation of epic proportions, Azmuth automatically unlocks the Master Control for the Omnitrix, giving Ben instant access to all of the million forms contained inside the watch, but altered so that he has access to 10 at a time. After confronting the Highbreed's highest council and learning of their ultimate plan due to the tampering of their DNA (tampered because of inbreeding), Ben unleashes a massive energy pulse that uses up all energy in the Omnitrix to repair the genetic structure of every Highbreed within a massive range by combining samples from each of the alien forms within the watch, saving the Highbreed from extinction. The ensuing burst resets the Omnitrix. The reset also gave Ben access to whole new 10 alien forms in the process. In Ben 10 Evolutions he is 16 years old with 10 new aliens.

You can only thnk of how easy it was to get DNA from a Galvan a Chimeri Sui and a Upgrade Possibly a PetroSapian even.


  • It provides the silhouette of the desired alien, when upgraded it provides green holograms.
  • Once attached to a host, it cannot be removed through conventional means.
  • Can turn the wearer in 1,000,903 different alien species.
  • Can adapt the clothing of the wearer to suit the selected alien form.
  • Can change its own shape and size to accommodate the wielder's size.
  • Can absorb a sample of alien DNA if any species comes into physical contact with the Omnitrix. (Presumably this actualy unlocks already preseant DNA.)
  • Whilst the user is transformed, a button with the Omnitrix appears on the chest which can be used to switch to another form while already transformed into a specific alien.
  • When near its creator Azmuth, it has been shown to pin-point the direction to reach him by turning its dial.
  • Has an A.I.
  • If someone tries to tamper with it against the host's will, it creates a large feedback pulse for defense.
  • Has a self destruct feature which is powerful enough to destroy the entire universe.
  • Can read the mind of the wearer,and transforms them into the alien it thinks is right for the situation when activated.
  • Can repair genetic damage to any lifeforms DNA. It uses this feature to repair the Highbreeds' DNA by fusing DNA from several alien species within the Omnitrix with the Highbreed's DNA
  • It can reset itself,giving the wielder access to 10 different aliens, and any code or other aliens gained through DNA Scraping are erased.
  • Can show a database image of all aliens available at the time.
  • Has it's own mind and voice.

Note that the Master Control is not a function. It's actually the Omnitrix's true state with perfect control. It's just that Azmuth has programmed a protection system so that it doesn't get easily used wrongly when in the hands of evil. The protection system limits the transformation time to 10 minutes, stops from changing to any alien at will, makes the Omnitrix run out of Charge (otherwise it would never run out of charge, as in actual it doesn't need any), has a self-destruct feature which can be activated by Azmuth, and overall gives the wielder complete control over the Omnitrix. Sometimes the protection system is actually needed so that aliens like Ghostfreak can't get control over the wielder by any possible accident. The Omnitrix has also been seen to automatically “loose-up” the restrictions and automatically fully charge-up when the wielder is attacked or is angry. Azmuth can voice-activate the Omnitrix Master Control. When voice activated, it unlocks everything, including all alien forms on the Omnitrix, and the ability to restore any alien species stored on it, but when done through a code (like Ben did in Back With a Vengeance or like Ben 10.000 did in Ben 10.000), it only unlocks the ability to switch between alien forms.

The Omnitrix AliensEdit

Ben 10Edit

Original AliensEdit

The Omnitrix originally had 1,000,900 but Ben accidentally added 3 new ones.

These are the 10 alien forms that Ben started with when he first obtained the Omnitrix in the original series.

Ben's Additional AliensEdit

Additional alien DNA was obtained later on by means of either a code, physical contact with an alien, or other random means.

Future AliensEdit

These alien forms belong to Ben 10,000's Omnitrix

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

Original AliensEdit

These are the 10 alien forms that Ben started with when his Omnitrix reliberated into an array of new aliens

Additional AliensEdit

Here are the additional forms in Ben 10 Alien Force (Season 2 and 3)