Rath is the Codon Stream DNA sample of an Appoplexian from the planet Appoplexia.


Rath's personality resembles Wolverine's and that of a stereotypical high school jerk. This is demonstrated by Rath's tendency to use the phrases "Whatever" and "LEMME TELL YA SOMETHIN'!" when he's addressing anyone that he is angry with or about to fight, which appears to be a reference to Hulk Hogan's signature catch phrase, "Let me tell you something, brother" He also calls people by their full name (e.g "LEM'ME TELL YA' SOMETHIN', Kevin E. Levin !"), (e.g. "LEM'ME TELL YA' SOMETHIN', CAPTAIN NEMESIS!) or (e.g. "LEM'ME TELL YA' SOMETHIN', INCURSION COMMANDER SANG-FROID!). He also likes giving people nicknames. (e.g. Karate Man (Sevenseven)) His catch phare is let me tell you something.

Language Name==Naming and Translations== Origin
Portuguese Irado/Rath From irado, angry, in the most of episodes it's used Rath more than Irado
Dutch Wraak From wraak, revenge
Polish Gniew From gniew, anger
Bulgarian Бяс From Бяс, rage
German Tiger From tiger, tiger
Spanish (Spain) Airado From airado, angry
Spanish (Latin America) Rath From the original name
Arabic Nemrelnarvis From angry tiger
Italian Tigre From tigre, tiger
Turkish Ret From ret, rejection


Hungarian Frász From frász, jitters
French Bengalosaure
Filipino Galit
Albanian Zemërim
Hebrew ראת
Russian Рэт From the original name